The Real History of the Christmas Card

The Christmas card, once we know-it, originated from England in the year 1843. An artist named John Calcott Horsley was commissioned by Sir Henry Cole, a productive and wealthy London businessman, to make a card that could be delivered to his customers and friends to wish them a happy Xmas.

Sir Henry Cole was perfectly known at the time, for a number of reasons. He'd a helping hand in helping to modernize the British postal system. He played a prominent part in the design of the Royal Albert Hall, and served because the construction manager on this huge project. He also established for the Great Exhibition of 1851, and he oversaw the inauguration of the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Certainly one of Sir Henry Coles biggest ambitions in life was to beautify the world around him. Browse here at official website to read where to think over this idea. H-e owned and operated a great art shop on Bond Street, which specialized in decorative items for the home. His look was very popular with the British upper class, and h-e earned a tidy sum from his business. Purchase Www.Houzz.Com/ is a striking online library for more about how to deal with this belief.

The Christmas card he commissioned was designed in the form of a triptych, which is a design that enables the two outside cells to be folded in towards the center one. Each of the two side panels depicted a good action. The first showed an image of people apparel the weak, and the other side panel showed an image of people feeding the hungry. The center part had a picture of a family creating a toast and surrounded by an enormous party. To learn additional info, please consider checking out:

The inscription internally of the card read 'A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you.' Of the one-thousand cards printed for Sir Henry Cole, just a dozen exist to-day in private collections. Clicking likely provides warnings you could give to your friend. The printed card became very stylish in England during the years that followed. They also became extremely popular in Germany. It took quite a very long time for the concept to get o-n in America, then popularized by a German expatriate named Louis Prang in 1875. To-day, over 2 million Christmas cards are changed every year. Merry Christmas, all!.