Italy: Police Doesn't Perform 'Poker Sportivo'

Police in Rome, Italy, last week-end, raided a poker tournament last and confiscated all materials found in the the game, including 12 poker tables,all the chips and cards. The game was running for under one hour prior to the local 'police' s arrived. More Than 100 participants registered for the tournament. 'But it is an appropriate way for playing' said A.F., the manager of the membership and manager of the tournment. Permitted from the german law (FINANZIARIA 2007). The prize pool was round the 3.000 Euro, this appeared to be being a highly successful event for planner, however the prize pool was not high ( that's shoud suggest in Italy: NO GAMBLOING). I discovered Bar Hopping In Vegas by searching Google Books. In case you choose to identify more about What Is Hot And What Is Not About All-Inclusive Holiday Packages. | Chinese Traditi, there are many on-line databases people can pursue. But, within an hour of the game starting the police had other suggestions, and closed the tournment. Learn more about coyote ugly vegas cover charge by navigating to our grand article directory.

Gambling not in-one of the only 4 Italian Casinos (Casino di Campione,Casino di Saint Casino di Venezia, Vincent and Casino di Sanremo )is illegal in Italy and this appears to be the foundation of the police involvement. According to german law, 'Individuals who gain, directly or indirectly, from organizing gambling in services that they are responsible for, should be punished for gambling advertising.' That's mean also that if you set a promotional advertising of an online casino in your web site you committee a crime. The manager of the club was stunned by the police action. Stated that, 'did not think anything illegal had occurred in his club, the only real amount he received was the lease of the club by a bridge and poker club...obout 220 Euro.'

But is it legal to collect price when people play bingo or bridge in Italy? But is it legal in the event that you spend a win of a poker tournment?

But is it legal to prepare a poker tournment in Italy?

'If collecting cost is legal when people play Bingo, it ought to be legal to get exactly the same fees for poker players, it is unfair that playing for money is illegal when playing poker.' The german police said that the case will be examined not only as a violation of the gambling laws, but also as a violation of the financial laws.