Clay Container Crafts

    Matt Julio
    By Matt Julio

    If you have a creative head and you love you make something attractive and decorative for your house then clay pots are a great idea to utilize. You can make different things or can also so some painting to the clay pot in this way that it will make the plant look better. It may also happen that you not even notice the place just because the pot is so desirable.

    To make a colored clay pot you must have 4 clay pot, opaque apple green acrylic paint, opaque blue lagoon acrylic paint, opaque orange acrylic paint, semi opaque pumpkin acrylic paint, semi opaque white acrylic paint, good stage permanent black marker.

    Steps to make a decorated clay pot:

    1. First employing a pencil and little ruler, you need to measure the height of the clay pot beginning just beneath the rim. Then mark off-the halfway point between your top and the bottom of the clay pot. Totally you need to measure and draw off the half-way point at four other places about the pot.

    2. Now holding the plastic measuring tape up-to the clay pot, link the factors and then draw a light pencil line between all the halfway point marks around the pot.

    3. Line up the ruler with each of the halfway points around the pot one at a time and bring a light pencil line from the top of the plant pot just beneath the rim to the bottom of the pot at this aspect. You'll have 8 squares drawn about the pot.

    4. Then you have to decide on the color scheme or arrangement of the colors into sections you've drawn on the container. In one set of squares you can fill any combination of two colors and in the other one also you can fill other set of colors.

    5. Squeeze a small amount of the pumpkin acrylic paint on the paper plate and gather a small amount of paint on the straight edge of the brush and paint along the straight lines of among the sections with a nice layer paint on the paper plate. Format and fill out one of the block completely using a generous layer of color. Now paint the block diagonally across from it pumpkin as you did for your first one utilizing the same technique and allow the paint dry. Wash out and shape the brush again.

    6. When this paint is drying, it is possible to change the pot around to other pair of 4 sections. Squeeze a tiny amount of yellow acrylic paint on the paper plate. Format and fill out among the pieces using a good layer of the yellow paint. Paint the block diagonally across from it orange suing the same technique as you have did for the first one and then let the paint dry.

    7. Change the pot around for the first set of 4 sections, once the paint with this side is drying. I learned about logo by searching newspapers. Press a small amount of apple green acrylic paint and paint the square diagonally across as a result green using the sam-e method as you did earlier. Again allow paint dry and it is possible to rinse out and shape the brush again.

    8. Again while this paint is drying turn the pot around to the 2nd pair of 4 pieces and fit a small number of blue lagoon acrylic paint to the paper plate. Next outline and fill out one of many squares using a good layer of blue paint. Paint the block diagonally utilising the same process and allow the paint dry.

    9. It's time to paint the edge of the container white, when the paint is drying for the last squares you've painted. Squeeze a small amount of white acrylic paint onto the paper plate and paint the edges.

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