Prime 3 Reasons Why you should stop cooking with gas

Top 3 Reasons Why you should stop cooking with gas

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Why should you keep getting heavy and dangerous gas cylinders on your camping trips when free fuel from nature herself is all over you?

You must stop cooking with propane to your hiking trips because:

#1 Propane is expensive

Number 2 Propane cylinders are large to hold

Number 3 Propane is potentially dangerous and volatile

Usually when you go camping, there's a good amount of free gas you can use for cooking: including branches, sticks, and pine cones. In order to use mother natures cooking energy, the problem is, you will often have to undergo the problem of obtaining kindling, then collecting an amount of branches, records, etc... Next, you would have to split them down to size and set up your pile of wood in a precisely cleaned area, safe to create a fire. Eventually, you've to patiently light the fire and nurse it until it is going strong enough; this assumes you've the best equipment to hold a pot or pan over the fire to start with.

There's to be a better way!

The good thing is: There's a better way.

Think About The New WoodGas Camp Range by iENERGY.

Why use the WoodGas camp stove?

The WoodGas stove is the cleanest burning transportable camp stove available. The range is straightforward to light with a special starter solution and with merely a number of sticks and other forest and tree debris you can pick up from the ground in a few minute could keep you cooking for up to half an hour. You'll be surprised at just how electronic and clean using the Woodgas range is. The flame is safely within the range until lots of fuel is used in half-hour or less, adding fuel is simple for longer cooking times. Learn new info on an affiliated portfolio by navigating to official website.

Using the WoodGas camp oven you are able to forget the headaches and expense of purchasing high priced and dangerous gas or all the work involved in building an open pit fire for cooking. The WoodGas range can be excellent for emergency preparedness.

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President, iENERGY Inc.

The WoodGas camp stove is a safe, light, lightweight, clean burning and eco-friendly option to using propane camp stoves.:

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